To much ado, Daylife has has officially moved into the news aggregation market. (See Michael Arrington’s critique). One thing Daylife has is cache given its investors include Arrington, Craig Newmark and Jeff Jarvis but I do wonder about its ability to differentiate itself from Topix, Newsvine, Google News, Tailrank, etc. I spent some time on Daylife yesterday, and it has some interesting features that hint at its potential. In particular, I like how photographs and related links are displayed, and how you can “train” Daylife to aggregate the news you want to see by using its “My World” feature.
One thing I do wonder about is where Daylife gets its news – something Scott Karp also questions. I did a bunch of searches and, to be honest, the results were, at best, average. To be fair, it is still early days. Jarvis promises a number of improvements will be forthcoming, including the implementation of RSS.
Daylife’s launch got me thinking about how Gabe “Techmeme” Rivera plans to expand his news aggregation empire, which now covers technology, baseball, politics and gossip. Will Rivera move into other areas such as health or business, and will he bolster the amount of advertising on his sites?
Note: For a more in-depth review on Daylife, check out ZDnet‘s Dan Farber (an “unabashed Techmeme fan”), who describes Daylife as “listless” (ouch!).

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