Many startups are cautious about marketing.

It’s an unknown entity. It eats up money, rather than generating revenue. The success metrics can be subjective. And the creative process can be mysterious and non-linear.

At some point, however, startups pull the trigger on marketing. In many cases, it’s around a point of pain – Websites that don’t engage or convert, confusing messaging or a lack of sales collateral that gets potential customers into and through the funnel.

The decision to embrace marketing is a major accomplishment. It’s a new way of doing business because it doesn’t involve sales or product development. It means thinking differently, talking a strange language and doing new things.

A critical ingredient when it comes to marketing is trust.

It’s about having trust that marketing will achieve objectives. It’s about having trust that marketing processes, which may seem odd, will work. It’s about having trust that marketing will achieve your objectives. It’s about having trust that marketing processes, which seem odd and scattered, will actually work. It’s about having trust that the plunge into marketing is the right choice. 

It seems like a straightforward proposition but marketing is about moving in a new direction. It is an activity in which entrepreneurs don’t

It is an activity in which entrepreneurs don’t have domain expertise so, in many respects, it’s a big leap of faith. It’s like being at a cottage and jumping off a dock into the lake. The water could be shockingly cold and uncomfortable but it could also be refreshing and, in time, enjoyable.

My advice to entrepreneurs is you will know when the time is right for marketing. At some point, your gut will tell you that you need to tell your story better, differently or more broadly.

It could be a point of pain (e.g. a lack of conversions or brand awareness), or a bigger objective such as attracting investors or ramping up growth. Whatever the trigger, marketing will emerge as an idea worth exploring.

However a startup arrives at the decision to embrace marketing, it needs to have faith and trust in everything that’s involved. Initially, it may be uncomfortable, frustrating and yet another priority but it’s a matter of short-term pain, long-term gain.

 If you’re looking to jump-start your startup marketing, I can help you make it happen – everything from messaging and brand positioning to strategic planning and content development. Here’s how you can explore the different ways we can work together.

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