The Sharing Economy’s Underrated Success Story: Libraries

There's a lot of talk about the sharing economy as companies such as Uber, Airbnb and Lyft become increasingly popular. But there is a successful part of the sharing economy that doesn't get much attention: libraries. Considered old school at a time when books are...

Sometimes, Great Customer Service is About The Little Things

Everyone talks about the value of customer service but how do companies talk the talk and walk the walk? If you're Zappos, for example, you do whatever it takes to make a customer happy. If they're looking for late-night pizza, you connect them to pizza parlors open...

The Time Has Arrived For An Analog Revolution

We're digitally preoccupied. We walk around with our faces pinned to small screens. We allow conversations to be interrupted by text messages and emails. We waste hours looking at inane videos on YouTube or binging on Netflix. We're fascinated by how many likes are...

Nine Reasons Fast-Growing Companies Fail With Marketing

Most startups and fast-growing companies are terrible at marketing. Some entrepreneurs believe they know marketing but they're fooling themselves. At the Igniter Conference recently, Rand Fishkin shared eight common marketing and growth hacking mistakes made by...

My Wildly Unsuccessful (But Fun) String of Side Projects

I've been a long-time sucker for side projects, even before side projects became sexy. Since launching my marketing consulting business in 2008, I have been involved in seven side projects: The Canadian Blog Directory: I thought that creating a place where people...

The Importance of Giving Yourself the Time and Freedom to Think

                  I walked home from my parent's house yesterday. It was raining but the weather is unseasonably warm in Toronto this year - global warming, anyone? Since it was raining and because I had 20 minutes alone, I decided not to look at my iPhone. No...

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