How To Be A Great Conference Panel Moderator

Having attended several conferences recently, I was struck by the importance of good panel moderation. A good moderator makes a panel flow and engages the audience. A bad moderator turns an interesting topic into a snore-fest. A good moderator takes their job...

Beer League Lessons About Discovering Product Market Fit

For the past four or five years, my friend, Jason, and I have been selling swag merchandise to people who play in our beer hockey league. One year, we decided to sell hoodies thinking that every guy needs another hoodie. We sold 30 - a 25% penetration rate. The next...

When Does A Startup Embrace Marketing? ASAP?

When does a company embrace marketing? It's a complicated question given many start-ups and small businesses are afraid of marketing or they have other priorities such as product development and sales. But here's a lesson for any entrepreneur: don't postpone marketing...

How to Nurture Sales By Creating a Buyer’s Journey

Awareness. Interest. Decision. These are steps taken by consumers when purchasing products or services. It’s a journey. Sometimes. it happens quickly. Sometimes, it takes weeks or months. A key part of understanding how customers make purchases is knowing how they...

To Really Know Your Customers, Create Buyer Personas

Who buys your products? What are their pains and motivations? What makes them pull the trigger on a purchase? What are their responsibilities? How do they look like heroes? To attract customers, you need to know the answers to these questions inside out. You have to...

Five Critical Elements of an Awesome Elevator Pitch

What do you do? It is a question that we’re asked on a regular basis. So what’s your answer? Is it clear and concise? Do people ask questions to learn more? Everyone needs a good answer to “What do you do?" You need a crystal one or sentence response – otherwise known...

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