Why It Really, Really Sucks To Be a Marketer

In the "old" days, it was easy to be a marketer. There were a limited number of channels - print, TV, and radio - and marketing was a broadcast medium. Marketers talked and consumers listened. There was no back and forth. Today, the marketing landscape is humungous....

Monday Marketing Minute: What’s Your Plan, Man?

This is the first installment of a new video series called "Monday Marketing Minute". Every Monday (of course!), I'll publish a video offering quick insights, tips, and thoughts. If you have ideas, suggestions or feedback, let me...

Should Entrepreneurs Hire Their Friends?

You're growing a company and need to hire people quickly. You want people who you can trust and depend on. Does it make sense to hire your friends? You know them. You like them. But can you work with them? Will they share your passion? Will the work hard? Can your...

Where Are All of Canada’s Hot Water Startups?

Water. It's the one thing everyone needs to survive. Sadly, many people don't have access to water. According to Water. org, 663 million people live without access to safe water. That's staggering. There are also many places around the world suffering from drought....

What’s the Big Deal When it Comes to Hiring Marketers?

Apparently, it's a huge challenge hiring marketers. Georgiana Laudi says SaaS companies have difficulty finding senior marketing talent, while junior marketers lack mentorship and resources. Benji Hyam contends that marketers are hard to hire because they're good bull...

How to Discover Your Differences in an Ultra-Competitive Market

How’s your product or service different or unique? I’m talking different from competitors that look, feel and cost the same as your products. Truth be told, it’s difficult to be different amid fierce competition. But it’s important to be different to survive and...

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