Can You Calculate the ROI of Brand Storytelling?

What is the value of a compelling story? What’s the ROI of messaging that effectively describes what a product does, its value and why it matters to target audiences? Sometimes, the answers are difficult to quantify. While good stories are powerful, how do you...

If No One Wants to Pay for High-Quality Content, Then What?

We’re in the midst of a massive Content Conundrum. There has never been so much content. But most of its crap. It is designed for clicks and SEO, not for delivering insight and value. Too much content features “10 ways to do this….” or...

Why Powerful Storytelling Matters More Than Ever in 2017

Storytelling is everywhere. It seems that every brand is embracing the power of storytelling, much like they enthusiastically climbed on the social media and content marketing bandwagons. The growing interest in storytelling reflects how marketing and sales continue...

Startups That Avoid Marketing Are Doomed to Fail

For many startups, marketing is an expensive, difficult to understand and measure and not as important as product development and sales. But marketing is also an integral part of startup operations and, ultimately, their success. Startups that don’t embrace...

Four Keys to the Success of My Startup Marketing Business in 2016

Professionally (and personally), 2016 was an excellent year. I had a number of successful marketing engagements – everything from early-stage B2B startups and forward-thinking consulting businesses to established software companies looking to jump-start growth....

Green P Shows Toronto How to Embrace Innovation

While Toronto is beginning to get its act about startups, the city can do a better job of embracing innovation. The good news is it doesn’t have to look far to see what innovation looks like. Toronto’s parking authority, Green P, is showing the way to a...

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