Discover the Best Marketing Opportunities

Having a roadmap is the key marketing success. It drives strategic direction and tactical execution.

Who are your target audiences and how do you reach them?

How do you prioritize and select the most effective channels?

If you’re facing these challenges, I can help:

What to do?

You’re excited about embracing marketing but need a framework and processes to make the best decisions.

Who’s the customer?

You don’t know or understand your target audiences – their goals, needs, interests, aspirations or points of pain.

Where’s the ROI?

It is difficult to identify and select the most effective marketing activities to achieve your strategic and tactical objectives.

Your story: grounded in process, delivered with clarity.

What you need:

A marketing roadmap....

that clearly articulates your objectives and how to achieve them strategically and tactically

A clear picture of target audiences...

their demographics, how they research and the purchase decision process.

A list of marketing priorities....

that reflect your business goals and resources (people, time and money).

What you get:

An in-depth plan....

that defines strategic goals and creates a blueprint for tactical implementation

Identify the best marketing opportunities....

and the channels with the most potential for storytelling success

Tactical implementation plan....

best practices, the tools to measure the success, and how to execute.

People Say…

Mark has a great ability to think both strategically and tactically about marketing and positioning. He quickly grasped our business concept, created a comprehensive strategic and tactical marketing plan, and then helped to execute on the plan. Steven Uster


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