core messagingAt a time when consumers are time-strapped and multi-tasking, core messaging lets companies effectively articulate what they do, the value and uniqueness of their products and why, frankly, potential customers would be interested.

Clear and compelling core messaging and branding provides a strong foundation upon which you can create sales and marketing strategies and tactics to support and grow the business.

For startups looking for a way to kick off their marketing, the development of core messaging offers terrific return on investment.

Startups can purchase core messaging as a stand-alone package or part of a larger project that includes marketing strategy and content creation. Some of my core messaging clients include startups such as Fusebill, Lucova and Rubikloud.

The Deliverables:

As part of a core messaging package, startups receive content that not only establishes their story but, as important, collateral that can be easily re-purposed on Websites, one-pagers, presentations and media pitches. It really delivers bang for buck.

core messaging