At a time when consumers are time-strapped and multi-tasking, core messaging and branding lets companies effectively articulate what they do, the value and uniqueness of their products and why, frankly, potential customers would be interested.

Clear and compelling core messaging and branding provides a strong foundation upon which you can create sales and marketing strategies and tactics to support and grow the business.

In many respects, it’s like how a house needs a solid foundation. With strong core messaging and branding, other marketing and sales activities can be created and executed in a consistent and cohesive way.

The Process

To create effective messaging and branding, I use a six-part, collaborative and iterative process that involves research and interviews with key stakeholders to answer the following key questions:

- What do you sell?
- What makes you unique?
- What is your competitive edge?
- Who are your core customers?
- What are the benefits to customers?
- What are the product’s leading features?