Workshop 1:

Storytelling Workshops

It’s a noisy world. People are multitasking and distracted.

To capture the spotlight, you need to tell stories that engage consumers and create strong connections. I have been telling stories for years as a reporter, entrepreneur, and marketing consultant.

I can help you embrace the power of storytelling to meet your goals – be it more customers, brand awareness, leads or sales.

My hands-on workshops deliver insight and tactical guidance about:

  • Why storytelling has become a competitive necessity.
  • The benefits of storytelling (why you need to do it!)
  • Interactive exercises around the creation of value propositions, corporate stories, and media pitches.
  • How to identify storytelling opportunities
  • How to establish a storytelling corporate culture

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Workshop 2:

Startup Marketing

You have a great product but need to tell the world about it.

You have to create a compelling story, identify target audiences and develop content to drive them into the sales funnel.

I can provide strategic insight and tactical guidance to drive the success of your startup marketing efforts.

This workshop shows you how to:

  • Create a core story about what you do and why it matters
  • Identify your target audiences and create buyer personas
  • Develop a strategic plan to drive your business goals
  • Create content (aka stories) that engage, educate and entertain
  • Measure your progress and success

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