I deliver one-hour, half-day and full day interactive and engaging workshops that show you how to improve your marketing. You’ll complete frameworks, create content and brainstorm ideas   – everything designed to get the creative juices flowing.

Workshop 1:

Marketing Strategies

Being focused on the right things and the right people at the right time helps fast-growing companies grow even faster.

This workshop is designed to help you identify your goals, target audiences, buyer personas and the channels to meet your marketing goals.

It will help you focus on what matters, how to get customers into and down the sales funnel and pick the most effective marketing channels.

This workshop shows you how to:

  • Establish goals and objectives
  • Identify your target audiences and create buyer personas
  • Select the right channels to reflect budgets, people, and goals.
  • Create content (aka stories) that engage, educate and entertain
  • Measure and optimize performance.

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Workshop 2:


Learn how to create messaging and brand positioning that tells the world what you do, who you serve and why what you do matters.

This workshop walks you through a seven-step framework that helps you discover what your customers want and how they make purchases so you can develop value propositions, elevator pitches, buyer personas, mission and vision statements that make an impact.

This hands-on workshop delivers insight and tactical guidance about:

  • How to identify key issues about your product, market, and rivals
  • Conduct competitive audits and do benchmarking.
  • Establish your brand story and positioning: value propositions, elevator pitches, and more.
  • How to test messaging with external and internal stakeholders.
  • How to pollinate your messaging within your sales and marketing collateral.

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Workshop 3:


To capture the spotlight, you need to tell stories that engage consumers and create strong connections. I have been telling stories as a reporter, entrepreneur, and marketing consultant.

I can help you embrace the power of storytelling to meet your goals – be it more customers, brand awareness, leads or sales.

My hands-on workshops deliver insight and tactical guidance about:

  • Why storytelling has become a competitive necessity.
  • The benefits of storytelling (why you need to do it!)
  • Interactive exercises around the creation of value propositions, corporate stories, and media pitches.
  • How to identify storytelling opportunities
  • How to establish a storytelling corporate culture

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Workshop 4:

Customer Discovery

Who are your customers? What are their interests? What’s the buying process? To drives sales, you need to know your customers inside out.

This workshop focuses on the key pillars of customer discovery:

  • The identification of target audiences
  • The development of your ideal customer and buyer personas
  • Discovering the buyer’s journey.
  • Tools and exercises to turn theory into action.

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Workshop 5:

PR & Media Outreach

Many entrepreneurs dream about media coverage but have no idea about how to actually attract it. This fun and interactive workshop provides insight into how the media works and what reporters want. This workshop shows you:

  • What captures the interest of reporters and bloggers.
  • How to identify opportunities storytelling opportunities
  • How to effectively pitch reporters and bloggers
  • How to write emails and press releases.

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