I’m an experienced and enthusiastic speaker who has appeared at many conferences and workshops. My areas of expertise are corporate storytelling, startup marketing and content marketing, and how they impact how brands communicate, market and sell.

My keynote presentations and workshops are interactive, engaging and designed to deliver information and resources that is relevant, valuable and actionable. For more information, send an e-mail to, or call 416-669-7028.

Startup Marketing: How do startups attract the spotlight? How to they develop and tell stories that do an effective job of telling the world what they do and how they’re unique? How do startups decide where to tell their stories, and what kind of content do they need to create?

How to Leverage the Power of Content Marketing What is content marketing? How do you get into it? How do you measure success? How much should you invest? Get the low-down on why content marketing can be a powerful and effective medium for small and large companies.

The Importance of Messaging: More than ever, great content and compelling content and messaging are the keys to drive online engagement – whether it’s traffic to your Web site, sales, leads, better customer service, or social media activity.