Om Malik – once again – has the scoop on a deal: this one involving Newsgator's acquisition of Ranchero Software, which makes a Mac-based RSS reader called NetNewsWire. This got me thinking about a Technorati-related
issue when it comes to rankings. Like many bloggers, the growth of my 
blogroll has slowed down dramatically in the past few months. Instead,
I put all of the blogs of interest into FeedDemon
where I can easily categorize them and quickly get summaries of dozens
blogs in minutes. The question is what does this do for Technorati's
ratings, which are based on links from different sites? If fewer people
link, you could have a popular site but have a low Technorati rating.
As well, a fellow blogger mentioned to me recently that he's been
noticing fewer links on the blogs that he reads. It's like people just
want to get their thoughts out there as quickly as possible without the
aggravation of providing links. Personally, this is a huge brech of
blog-ettiquete. It is a lack of respect for other people's ideas/views
and akin to not providing footnotes.
Getting back to Technorati again – if fewer people are linking within their posts, then
how does that affect their ratings? Is there a better way to rank
blogs. Perhaps one of the major search engines (Google, Lycos) has
something that will counter the affects of blogroll and link fatigue.