I had an e-mail yesterday from someone looking for a list of user-generated content companies in Canada. Well, there’s b5media (that’s an easy one, eh!), Bubbleshare (photo-sharing), Blogware (blog publishing) Cambrian House (crowd-sourcing), Five Limes (green retailing), (video-sharing) iBegin (local listings), Kitchen Lackey (recipes, cooking) and….who else it out there? Do we have another potential Flickr in our midst? Why isn’t this list longer given we’re in the midst of a user-generated content revolution. After all, Time Magazine recently declared 2006 to be the year of “You” so shouldn’t “You” also include Canadians? If you’ve got more suggestions, let me know and I’ll add them to the list.
Update: A few more members to add: Nakama (wireless photo sharing), NowPublic (citizen journalism), ProductWiki (product reviews/e-commerce), Netus (business project network), Food Inc. (restaurant reviews), FrontRowCentre (movie reviews and listings), JobLoft (job classifieds) and (Digg-like voting on stock market press releases).

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