If you push past the increasingly annoying Vonage ads that never fail to remind you how lower prices are such a good thing, VoIP’s real power is the features such as voice mail to e-mail, conference calls, call logs and call-forwarding. Yet, the industry is still fixated on selling on price despite the obvious need to improve subscriber numbers and ARPU.

So, it’s interesting that VoipReview.org has come out with a study showing the average number of calling features for VoIP service is increasing while monthly prices remain steady at about $25 a month. This is good new for consumers who are obviously getting more bang for the buck. It should also be good news for VoIP service providers such as Vonage, AT&T 8×8 and SunRocket because it could let them maintain or even boost prices as they offer additional services – akin to what the broadband Internet service providers are doing as they maintain or raises price while offering higher download and upload speeds.

This is the kind of news Vonage needs to improve its financial results and the performance of its stock, which is trading close to the record low ($5.65) today. Vonage will post its fourth-quarter and year-end results on Feb. 15.

Update: Om Malik has a good post on Adobe’s VoIP strategy.

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