b5media Inc. is a quasi-virtual company. We have four full-time employees in Toronto but the rest of our team is scattered around the world (Baltimore, Texas, Australia). With the exception of b5media co-founder Shai Coggins, who just a baby (Congrats, Shai), the entire team will be together in this week for a three-day strategy meet-up in Toronto. I’m particularly excited about meeting Christina Jones, our super hard-working project manager, who I talk to every day (we try our best to stay away from instant-messaging and e-mail!).

Of course, I’m also stoked about spending three days focused on the future of b5media. While this may come across as an over-statement, 2007 is the year of execution for the company. With a leadership position in a fast-emerging industry, b5 has a huge window of opportunity if we can make the right strategic decisions and then execute on them. With the full support of VCs, J.L. Albright and Brightspark, we’re ready to make an aggressive push forward this year on some really exciting projects. This has me all fired up because the past six months have been focused on getting the company ready for growth – new servers, new blogger contract, new blog template, new ad server, new director of sales (Chad Randall). It has taken some time but we finally have all the pieces in place to make things happen.

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