Amid TorrentFreak’s contention Rogers is throttling encrypted traffic, I decided to do some “reporting” earlier today to find out what exactly Rogers is doing with its traffic. Here’s what I learned/was told by my “sources” within Rogers. 

For the past few years, Rogers has been partitioning its bandwidth with a certain percentage (probably not a lot, mind you) dedicated to P2P traffic, and the rest allocated for “regular” traffic such as Web surfing and e-mail. Rogers says there’s no blocking going on but, rather, bandwidth resource management. This means that if a whole bunch of people want to access P2P services at the same time, the bandwidth will reach capacity fairly soon, and traffic could slow down. With more P2P traffic being encrypted, Rogers is taking the same partitioning approach – bandwidth allocation rather than packet blocking. When they find the performance is degraded due to capacity constraints they re-segment the network to relieve the congestion. This is done regularly as traffic and usage increases.

One of the issues being faced by consumers is the bandwidth allocated by Rogers to P2P traffic is fixed – irregardless of the time of day. So, if there’s a surge in P2P traffic – encrypted or unencrypted – Rogers doesn’t change the bandwidth allocation percentage on the fly. They do re-evaluate the allocation regularly as traffic patterns change. So what you get is what you get, and if you and your friends clog up the P2P highway, there’s little Rogers is going to do to ease your pain right away.

Update: If you want a really smart look at what Rogers is doing, check out this post by Matt Roberts.

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