Here’s a quick look at this week’s my own blog highlights and ones I read that that caught my attention:

My 11 Blog Lessons: a personal look at what I’ve learned about blogging in the wake of Marc Andreessen’s list.

The Sad Death of the Mixed Tape: Is it really dead?

Everything’s Now on the Record: With technology (wireless, digital cameras, MP3 players, cell phones, etc.) everything can be made public.


– Rob Hyndman has RSS reader fatigue, and offers a better solution.

Read Write/Web launches an in-depth look at the state of citizen journalism. By the way, Vancouver-based NowPublic was recently named of Time’s 50 best site of 2007

Loren Feldman goes after venture capitalists, who “have nothing to do all day”, who are apparently interested in Facebook applications.

Scott Karp on the monetization of Facebook, and lessons to be learned from Google.

Mathew Ingram on whether blog comments still matter.

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