It should come as no surprise to anyone that I spend too much time surfing the Web. Most of the time it’s on my MacBook – usually at the kitchen table or sitting on the couch, which are far from being the most comfortable or egonomically-friendly places.

So I was intrigued when an e-mail from Sumo Lounge appeared in my in-box asking if i would be interested in trying out one of their “lounge gear” products – aka a cool bean bag chair. In general, I don’t do product reviews because you really have to dig into a product/service to do it justice. But the Sumo is definitely different so here’s my review.

First, the Sumo is a big step up from your traditional bean bag chair. It comes in funky colors, it’s lightweight (only 18 pounds), durable and easy to wash – great if you have bean-bag lovin’ children. The Sumo is also extremely pliable, allowing you to mold it into a variety of shapes. For laptop users, the Sumo is very comfortable, offering great support for your back. Of course, comfortable means it’s easier to spend more time on the Web.

Anyone looking for comfortable, casual “furniture” should check out the Sumo and some of Sumo Lounge’s other products. Who knows, maybe it will catch on with Web surfers looking to cruise cyberspace in comfortable.

Note: The fact Sumo Lounge is approaching bloggers to do reviews suggests they’re a pretty marketing-savvy company. If they’re pursuing tech bloggers, they’re clearly being creative and far more blog-friendly than most companies.

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