Here’s a collection of things that caught my attention this week:

– Best blog name that I’ve seen in a long time:, which covers the “social economy”. Given all the angst recently about the Web 2.0 sky falling, is ironically

– Strangest site: Sleeping in Airports, which is devoted to sleeping in airports for free when you’re short of cash. It’s a creation of Toronto travel agent Donna McSherry. See the PlanetEye blog for more.

– A new phrase to describe all those annoying invitations you to try new Facebook applications: spapp (short for “application spam”). Full credit to my friend, Tyler Hamilton.

– StumbleUpon-eBay: Love to Stumble but still very, very puzzled why eBay felt compelled to spend $75-million to acquire it. Can someone please explain it to me given no one has put a good spin on it, including Mashable, which listed eight reasons why it happened.

– Leopard has barely been out a week, and there’s also rampant speculation about an update that will fix 24 bugs. Question: how can you have an army of people developing and testing a major, high-profile upgrade, and still have two dozen bugs emerge? As someone I knew said, “nothing’s perfect” but we’re talking about Apple.

– WordPress domo Matt Mullenweg does a keynote at BlogWorld yet no one asks himself about the speculation Automattic was the target of a $200-million takeover offer. (Thanks to Allen Stern and Tris Hussey for the great coverage)

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