Looks like some bloggers are pissed at Rogers for apparently high-jacking the top of Web pages to insert marketing bumpf. Over the weekend, technology consultant Lauren Weinstein noticed that Rogers had put a box on top of Google results informing customers that they were approaching their data cap limit.

Rogers,which operates one of Canada’s largest high-speed ISPs, suggests it is simply trying different ways to communicate with its customers. The big question is: why use this particular technique? Why pollute Google search results, which already feature sponsored links? Why not include this marketing pitch/warning in a digital newsletter?

If anything, it demonstrates that someone within the Rogers empire mistakenly thought it was a good idea. Wrong.

Like my friend, Mathew Ingram, states, any suggestions this move is related to network neutrality are pretty off-base. The real story here is Rogers is looking for ways to sell more service, capacity, speed, etc. to consumers. Rogers clearly went down the wrong road, something TechDirt describes as “arrogance.

Update: In a Toronto Star story, Google says it’s “concerned” about what Rogers is doing.

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