Back from the dead: a weekly wrap of the week that was on MET:

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Who’s Louis Gray: a Q&A with tech blogger Louis Gray, who’s literally everywhere these days while becoming a fixture on Techmeme.

Mister, Can You Spare $200K: A riff on Paul Graham’s argument that the sweet spot for tech investors is $200,000 deals because you can put money into companies that are more than just an idea but yet to have a lot of momentum.

Shyftr’s Lessons for Bloggers: If blog content is being distributed in a growing number of places, what should bloggers do to keep their blogs as destinations as opposed to just content sources.

New WordPress Plugins

Contact Form ][: a solid, easy-to-install contact form created by Chip Cuccio.

Similar Posts: Automatically creates a link of related posts. A bit tricky to install because it requires adding a few lines of code to index.php but well worth the effort.

New RSS subscriptions

She Geeks: Corvida, a 20-year-old graphics student, knows her stuff.

BlogPerfume: I’m a sucker for a good WordPress resource site.

Alexander van Elsas, who offers some great perspective amid the noise of “the conversation”.

WinExtra: Insightful, sharp, funny…and Steve Hodson’s Canadian.


– Getting back on the Techmeme Leaderboard: #95 (with a bullet!)

– Being named one of Canada’s top-10 tech bloggers by ITWorldCanada.

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