As much as the ongoing Yahoo-Microsoft soap opera and Microsoft’s apparent acquisition of Powerset are dominating the headlines, a particularly fascinating development is ICANN’s decision to radically liberalize the “top-level” domain structure.

Since the Web emerged as a mainstream vehicle, there’s been a lot of back and forth about who controls the domain landscape, and which domain would rule the roost. While .com became the must-have domain, demand for alternatives has been more than evident given the interest alternative domains such as in .tv and it – the domestic domains of Tuvulu and Italy respectively.

Now, there will be no lack of domains. There could be generic domains such as .football or .work or .fun; corporate domains such as .microsoft or .google; regional domains such as .asia or .sudamerica; or even vanity domains – .techcrunch or .arrington, anyone?

Who knows, maybe there will be a .mark domain. Then, I could register www.mark.mark.


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