Pressure Valve
As much as the Internet has dramatically changed how we live, work and play, it’s the small things about it that are often the most impressive.

Case in point is the pressure relief valve on a hot water tank in my house. It was leaking, so a repairman came over yesterday to fix it. After he left, the valve started to really leak to the point where it was filling buckets of water in minutes.

So, what do you do at 10 p.m.? In the “old days”, you’d call a plumber, and bite the bullet on a premium service fee.

Today, you go to Google and search for “leaky pressure relief value hot water tank”, check out a few links, and then turn the valve on and off a few times.

Voila, problem fixed! The Internet comes to the rescue again!

If I was Seth Godin, there would be a catchy name for this kind of thing such as the “Simple Web” but I’m content with a press value that isn’t leaking.

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