Picture 2A few weeks ago, my two-year-old MacBook blew a gasket when I tried to update the OS to Snow Leopard. This included the dreaded blue screen of death, and the realization that thousands of photos were in danger of disappearing into thin air.

So what do you do when your hard drive craps out on you? Other than cursing and/or feeling stupid for not backing up your data, you go on to Twitter to see if anyone can help you.

In my case, I was lucky that Gary Hilson saw my tweet. Gary used to do some public relations work with CBL Data Recovery Technologies so he pinged their CEO Bill Margeson to see if there was anything they could do. Within minutes, Bill sent me an e-mail offering to if CBL’s labs could come to the rescue.

When the package from CBL arrived via courier today, I opened the box like it was Christmas, and plugged the enclosed external hard drive into my MacBook Pro. To discover that all the data had been recovered was, in fact, like getting an early Christmas present.

A few lessons learned:

1. Back up your data on a regular basis
2. If your hard drive does get compromised or damaged, sent it to CBL Data Recovery.

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