A few weeks ago, I wrote a column for the Globe & Mail on how to be more productive and efficient at work. It was inspired by the constant challenges that I meet in making my business operate better. This is particularly relevant given I’m a one-person operation.

The column was read by someone within PWC Canada’s marketing department, who thought I would be a good speaker for one of their weekly meetings. This is despite the fact I’m by no means a productivity or time management practitioner or expert. I do, however, continually seek new ways to become more efficient so what I do bring the table is real-world experience and, of course, an enthusiasm to share.

Below, you’ll find my presentation. Don’t expect to discover any silver bullets that will change how you work overnight. But you might come across some tips, techniques or tools that resonate in some way. As I said during the presentation, getting more productive and efficient takes time and it’s always work in progress. The good thing is if you focus on applying new tools and techniques, there will be dividends.

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