For some reason, I have never liked the term “growth hacker“.

It may have to do with the belief that growth hackers are omnipotent. They’re good at everything. If they were baseball players, they would be Willie Mays or Mike Trout.

growth hackerAnd I never thought of myself as a growth hacker because I’m a startup marketing consultant with a talent for writing. As an ex-journalist, I can turn lots of information into stories that resonate with target audiences. When I develop Websites, eBooks, videos, sales sheets and blog posts, I’m writing.

Growth hackers, on the other hand, are good at marketing AND they have technical chops. They can shoot and edit videos, design infographics, code Websites, and drive email marketing campaigns.

But here’s a confession: In the last six months, I think I’ve become a growth hacker. It wasn’t by design. It happened by accident in working with two startups, Statflo and Limelight, and a startup accelerator.

Each of these clients required plenty of help with marketing. They had to create better messaging, overhaul their Websites (content and design), and develop marketing and sales collateral. And they needed a strategic roadmap to keep their marketing focused and structured.

Getting the work done meant getting my hands dirty and spending lots of time with clients to learn the business. It was almost – but not quite – like being an employee.

The scope of the work was extensive: messaging, Website content, sales sheets, videos, eBooks, press releases, newsletters, blog posts, infographics, presentations, online applications and speaking notes. It meant working with videographers, photographers, developers and designers. The work was challenging because it required different skills and collaborating with other people. 

In looking back on what has probably been the busiest six-month stretch of my consulting business, I realized that I’m a multi-tool player. While my strength is writing, I can do many other things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a multi-dimensional superstar but a jack-of-all-trades player (with the exception of PR!)

In some ways, I’m not a “hardcore” growth hacker because I can’t code and I’m interested in but not obsessed with data. Maybe I’m a growth hacker who’s more of a creative type than technically inclined.

Nevertheless, I can provide value by contributing in different ways. Maybe this isn’t growth hacking but the realities of being a marketer who works with smaller clients. You need to serve them in a variety of ways as opposed to specializing. It’s challenging but there’s never a dull moment.

If you’re looking to jump-start your startup marketing, I can help you make it happen – everything from messaging and brand positioning to strategic planning and content development. Here’s how you can explore the different ways we can work together.