In Europe, gelato is sold everywhere.

But how does one decide where to buy gelato? What about a gelato app that makes it easy to find the best options? A quick search suggests these apps exist, such as this one.

The question, however, is whether the world needs gelato apps?

Do people have a problem finding high-quality gelato?

From personal “research”, discovering good gelato isn’t a problem. In fact, it’s relatively painless.

There are too many “gelato apps”

In many respects, the startup world suffers from too many “gelato apps” – nice-to-haves but not need-to-haves. The world will continue to happily spin on its axis if a startup decides not to develop a gelato app.

But this will prevent an entrepreneur from developing a “better” gelato app. The barriers to entry are low so there’s little risk in trying to create something better.

We live in a startup world in which anything is possible to build, even if it isn’t needed. In some respects, startups are like toys. You play with them for awhile, and then move on. Entrepreneurs get excited about a product and quickly move on with little financial pain if things don’t pan out.

This “disposable” world means the landscape is littered with abandoned startups that shouldn’t have been. It creates the illusion that entrepreneurship is easy when, in fact, it’s easy to become an entrepreneur.

It explains why entrepreneurship is the New Black. Given the number of startups, it seems that everyone should be doing it. I mean, why toil away in the cubicle when being an entrepreneur is so exciting.

The reality is entrepreneurship is major challenge.

It’s not for everyone. And not everyone should do it simply because it is easy to jump on the bandwagon.

Any entrepreneur or wanna-be entrepreneur should ask themselves if their product is needed or wanted. Is there enough interest to create a business? Will enough people pay for your product? Can you make money?

These are questions that don’t get honestly answered, if they are answered at all.

Just as the world probably doesn’t need another gelato app, it probably doesn’t need another entrepreneur who doesn’t have the drive, commitment and skills to successfully make the leap.

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