startup service providers

In the startup world, the entrepreneurs are the stars. They assume the personal, professional and financial risks to pursue their dreams.

With startups capturing more attention, entrepreneurs are celebrated and positioned as business leaders. Startups are regarded as the new economic force, which explains the fascination and the media coverage.

While entrepreneurs attract the spotlight, there’s an army of people supporting them behind the scenes – lawyers, consultants, agencies, software developers, accountants, PR and social media specialists and SEO gurus.

These people (including myself) do the grunt work. We’re the guns-for-hire, mercenaries, plumbers and digital mechanics (many of us fix things for startups) for entrepreneurs.

These service providers are an important part of a vibrant startup ecosystem that also includes many other elements: universities, incubators, accelerators, VCs, entrepreneurs, government and service vendors. Together, we create a community which supports  and encourages entrepreneurs looking to establish world-class companies.

Service providers let startups get what they need when and if required and (hopefully!) do it a cost-efficient way so they can focus on priorities such as developing and selling products.

When a startup ecosystem has a strong group of service providers, the community has the fuel to drive growth. Thes people have the experience and expertise to step into the fray to handle issues, projects and must-do assignments.

Many service providers have startup experience but they have decided to do their own thing or work for a company that serves startups. They may not be celebrated but they play an important role in a startup community’s success.

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