Consumers don’t buy products.

They buy experiences. They buy dreams. They buy a brighter, healthier, happier and more profitable future.

Consumers don’t buy features.

storiesThey buy benefits. They buy cache. They buy status symbols. They buy what’s cool, hip and sexy.

This is why it makes no sense for salespeople to sell products. It’s an old-school way of doing business.

Instead, salespeople should be storytellers.

They need to tell stories that engage, entertain and educate.

They need to enchant, excite and inspire prospects with good stories.

It is stories with drama, ups and down, highs and lows.

It is stories with heroes and villains.

It is stories with winners and losers.

Storytelling moves a prospect deeper down the funnel.

And the best part is a prospect is happy to go along for the ride.

A good salesperson paints a picture.

They don’t talk about prices. They don’t talk about features. They don’t talk about technology.

A good salesperson tells stories about success, beating the odds and vanquishing the competition.

Once a prospect has climbed on the storytelling bandwagon, you can start talking about the nitty-gritty.

But until then, salespeople are master storytellers.

The importance of sales storytelling is something I learned first-hand while working for a client a couple of years ago.

The company’s mobile technology involved location and context in delivering personalized information. From the outside looking in, it was complicated.

To get prospects to understand the technology, the salesperson painted a picture about how it could be used by someone at a soccer game to deliver a different experience.

By telling a simple story, the tone of the conversation quickly changed. As important, it was suddenly easy for the prospect to ask relevant questions.

Any good example of salespeople are using stories to attract and nurture prospects?

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