I had coffee yesterday with an ex-client whose software business is beginning to see healthy growth.

It now has more than 100,000 free and paid users and driving revenue growth from selling into large enterprises.

It’s a classic entrepreneurial success story.

patienceBut it’s success happening after several years of difficult times, which saw the business on the verge of disappearing.

When I asked the entrepreneur what had changed, there wasn’t a single answer. Instead, he said he kept moving forward every day. Eventually, consumers became more aware of the software’s value and, as important, the opportunity emerged to sell to large enterprise customers.

In short, it is not an overnight success story but an entrepreneur who persevered even when it appeared that his business was doomed.

This is an important lesson for entrepreneurs: success isn’t always easy or happen quickly. Every business is a risky proposition with ups and downs. Sometimes, success materializes after you’ve been pounding away for a long time.

Suddenly, everything changes. Rather than begging for customers, they’re coming to the table. Rather than begin turned down by investors, they’re interested in how the business is doing.

In business, sometimes patience is required before success happens.

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