“We save marriages”. 

Three simple but powerful words.

It was an entrepreneur’s answer to the classic cocktail question: “What do you do?”.

What do you do? From experience, most people have bad or boring answers to “What do you do?”. They are informative but lack sizzle and pizzazz. They don’t make people curious, interested, inspired or hungry for more information.

Why not?

The biggest reason is people don’t spend the time to develop a compelling answer. Instead, they go through the motions. Unfortunately, it’s a terrible approach.

A great answer to “What do you do” opens doors, sparks conversations, and creates new opportunities. It makes people ask questions and pulls them into your world.

A bad answer is a conversation killer. It causes people to make excuses to move on because they’re not interested in what you’re saying. That’s sad because you probably have interesting things to talk about.

So, let’s create a better answer to “What do you?”. And truth be told, it’s not that hard.

Last week, I did a mini-workshop at Mastermind Express, a monthly event that brings entrepreneurs together to learn from each other.

I started the workshop by having people write down their current answer to “What do you do?”

After explaining the key pillars to create a better answer, I split the audience into 20 groups of three people. Each group was given 10 minutes to develop a better answer for each person. We’re talking rapid-fire brainstorming and idea generation.

For 10 minutes, there was a beehive of activity as people enthusiastically explored new avenues and concepts. Then, I asked if anyone had come up with a different answer. The results were amazing. Of the six people who volunteered their “before and after” answers, four of them were dramatically better. I’m talking, “Wow, that’s good!” different.

And all it took was 600 seconds. 

What if you took the time to create a better answer? How much a difference do you think it will make at the next networking event or dinner party? Wouldn’t it be great if someone is excited about your answer and peppers you with questions? Wouldn’t that be exciting and rewarding?

Everyone wants to make a positive impression. When we’re socializing or networking, we want to make connections. We want people to be interested in who we are and what we do. We want people to appreciate our insight and experience.

In many cases, it starts with answering “What do you do?” The door is wide open to deliver an answer that resonates.

Let’s be honest, it’s time to develop a better answer. Here are a few options:

  1. Find a partner, an accomplice or a friend, and then challenge yourselves to create a better answer to “What do you do?” Allow yourself to think out of the box and embrace creativity and different approaches. Write down your current answer and then try to create something radically different.
  2. Attend networking events and experiment with different answers to determine the ones that work well. Consider it a real-time marketing experiment that delivers instant feedback.
  3. Take my free video course, which features a user-friendly worksheet and workbook. You’ll receive a series of emails that will walk you through how to create a better answer.

Your answer to “What do you do?” can be a few words or a sentence. It can be creative, unorthodox or simple. The key is an answer that causes people to say, “Tell me more?”, “That’s interesting”, or “How do you do that?”

If you’re curious about what’s behind “We save marriages”, the company, Smart Nora, makes a device that stops people from snoring. In many cases, it’s women buying the device or making their husbands buy the device. Anywho snores or suffers from living with someone who snores can understand the power of “We save marriages”.

And the best part of “We save marriages” is it sparks more questions and conversations. When someone delivers an unorthodox or different answer, you have no choice but to pursue more information.

Do you have any tips or advice about creating a better answer to “What do you do?” Are there answers that have blown you away?

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