Storytelling is everywhere.

Every brand needs to be a good storyteller for their marketing and sales to be effective.

If you’re not telling good stories, it’s difficult to capture the spotlight.

Well, that’s the theory.

storytellingThe reality is many brands are confused by storytelling. They don’t really understand how it’s applied to marketing and sales. And they don’t see storytelling as much of a pain or urgency as attracting leads and sales.

As a storyteller, this is frustrating because good storytelling is invaluable. It makes a huge impact on how consumers see your brand and why they decide to buy your products. So, it’s always disappointing when the power of storytelling fails to resonate with entrepreneurs.

I recently read a blog post by Seth Godin, who put the value of storytelling into perspective. He talked about you can buy a diamond at Tiffany in New York City for $7,000 and then have someone in Manhattan’s diamond district offer to buy it from you for $1,000.

So, where did the $6,000 go? The answer: the $6,000 is the price of the story that Tiffany told you. As Godin says: “It’s the cost of the box, the lighting, the salespeople, the architecture and most of all, the special feeling.”

Storytelling has tremendous value, even though it’s sometimes difficult to grasp. If you’re trying to connect with consumers, it is a powerful tools that makes your products more attractive, valuable, and compelling.

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