How much marketing do you do?

When I look at some of the high-profile consultants and coaches, it’s hard not to get the feeling that they do marketing all the time. There are videos, there are blog posts, there are webinars.  Personally, it’s overwhelming. I say to myself “how did they do that? How do they have the time to do marketing and serve their customers?

I think a lot of people struggle with how much marketing they need to do. The feeling is that we need to be everywhere that our customers may be and if we’re not there, then we’re not going to capture their attention.

marketingThe truth is we can’t operate like high-profile coaches and consultants because they have teams behind them. There are people that do a lot of the grunt work while they stand in front of the stage.

So for the rest of us, it’s important to do less rather than doing everything. And it means that you need to focus on the marketing that matters, that’s relevant to your target audiences and three and probably most important, marketing that you’re good at. I mean it doesn’t make sense for you to write blog posts if you’re not a good writer or create videos if you’re not comfortable on camera.

As you look at your marketing, think about what is it that you should focus on. What’s going to generate bang-for-the-buck and what can you do to be as efficient as possible so that you’re spending a certain amount of time marketing and the rest of the time I’m meeting the needs of clients.

So put together a plan and think about what are the two or three things that you can do from a marketing perspective to move your business forward and what are the all the other things that you can worry about later or not do it all.

If you embrace this approach, I think your life will become a lot easier, your marketing will be a lot more successful, and your business will do better because you’re focusing on marketing that works for you, that you’re good at, and that resonates with the people that matter.

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