To me, storytelling is a critical part of how fast-growing businesses grow faster.

Storytelling allows brands to clearly articulate what they do, who they serve, and why it matters. Storytelling is powerful and an absolute necessity in a fast-moving, ultra-competitive world.

But here’s the thing: many entrepreneurs and companies don’t appreciate or embrace storytelling.

For whatever reason, they don’t understand that storytelling is as important as sales, product development, and marketing. They believe a good product will rule the day. It’s the “if we build it, they will come” approach to business.

storytellingBut this isn’t the reality for most businesses.

To succeed, consumers need to know that a company’s products exist and, as important, understand how these products will impact their lives personally or professionally.

How do companies make that happen? The answer is straightforward: storytelling. Brand storytelling is how consumers envision what it would be like to use a product.

For example, Airbnb’s story-driven marketing puts the spotlight on the benefits of traveling: seeing new places, meeting new people, and eating new foods. It’s about the experience, not about booking accommodation online.

One of the big challenges with storytelling is it strikes many people as mushy or a nice-to-have rather than a need-to-have. Conceptually, they understand the power of storytelling but struggle to grasp how to infuse into their sales and marketing. It’s a chasm they’re unable to cross.

It could be the value of storytelling is difficult to quantify in a data-driven world. When everything is being assessed, how is the impact of having better stories measured? In some respects, the value of storytelling is intangible but there’s no denying there’s a lot of value.

Embracing brand storytelling involves taking a leap of faith. It is recognizing that storytelling makes a difference and an impact. Then, it is a lot easier to think about how to jump-start your sales and marketing with stories that engage, educate and entertain.

Question for you: what is the most difficult part about embracing brand storytelling and making it happen?

Bonus: I did a podcast with Startup Canada’s Rivers Corbett about the importance of storytelling.








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