Earlier this week, I did a keynote about why storytelling matters and the keys to success.

Let me tell you that starting a presentation with a photo of Donald Trump was a great attention-grabber! (Note: In many respects, I see him as one of the leading – and most notorious – storytellers.)

storytellingI talked about was the challenge facing many entrepreneurs in taking the concept of storytelling and applying it to their sales and marketing.

Entrepreneurs understand the power of storytelling, how it resonates with target audiences and get people to do things, which is the ultimate goal of storytelling.

But many entrepreneurs run into trouble when they attempt to take the concept of storytelling and apply it to their marketing and sales. They often say, “I understand storytelling is a good thing and I should do it but how do I make it happen in the real world?”

I was thinking about how entrepreneurs can “cross the storytelling chasm”  while talking to a friend who told how she recently attracted a new client.

She was having a meeting at a coffee shop with a prospect. They had a good talk and then the prospect left.

Sitting at the next table was a girl who had been eavesdropping on the conversation. The girl says to my friend, “I overheard your conversation and I really like the things you were saying. Maybe I could learn more about what you do?”. This person eventually became a client.

This is a really great story. It features the key ingredients: drama, surprise, delight, and success. It is a story that can be told on social media, a video, on a blog or a podcast.

It also illustrates how storytelling opportunities materialize on a regular basis. When that happens, you need to immediately ask yourself, “How can I tell the story? Where can I tell the story?

Good storytelling starts with capturing your ideas. We’re hit by ideas and inspiration all the time so don’t let them escape. Write them on your smartphone or a piece of paper. Once you’ve done that, flesh them out. What’s the story you want to tell? What are the key points? What are the things that you want to highlight?

Then, figure out the best channels. Will this story work on video? Will it be a good infographic? Will it be a good blog post? Can I use this story on multiple channels?

Bottom line: think, behave and perform like a storyteller. Constantly look at the world and work at discovering stories and where you can tell them.

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