How well does your website perform?

Does it attract visitors? Does it convert visitors? Is it engaging? Is it easy to navigate?

WebsiteThese things are important given your website is often the place where many people start their journey with your brand.

I have a client in the midst of the website overhaul and one of the things they need to embrace is putting the needs and interests of customers and prospects first.

I often say somewhat tongue-in-cheek that people don’t care about your technology, particularly if you’re a B2B company.

What they care about is how your product delivers. They don’t need to know right away how your product works. What they need to know is whether it’s going to provide the benefits they expect and solve their problems.

When you’re thinking about refreshing or overhauling your website, the most important message is “Here’s how we solve your problems”. In other words, you need to answer the question “What’s in it for me (the prospect or the customer)?” Talking about features are fine but benefits rule the day.

A Website also needs to be easy to navigate. Obviously, you want people to look at multiple pages. You want them to spend a good amount of time exploring content as opposed to hitting a page and then bouncing off.

A Website needs intuitive navigation and provide cues about what people should do next. For example, it needs to be clear if peopole should download a white paper or check out this specific page or contact you or ask for a demo.

Truth be told, a lot of people are lazy when it comes to the Web. They want to be spoon-fed information and they don’t give you a lot of time. They will decide very quickly whether your website is relevant or not. Once you get them on your website, make sure you keep them there and you’re making it easy for them to look at more content.

The thing to think about is the job your website needs to perform. In many cases, particularly for B2B companies, it’s about education and engagement. People are coming to your website to find out whether your company’s the real deal. Are you legit? How do you stack up against the competition?

They want to learn about your product. How does it work? What are the leading benefits? How much does it cost and how can they contact you?

Your content needs to reflect a  prospect’s needs and interests and it needs to guide them. Think about how can you answer their questions. How can you show them what your product does? How can you quickly illustrate that your product is the best choice possible?

If you can do that, your website is going to perform. It will attract visitors and get them to stay for a healthy amount of time. It will drive conversions, whether it is purchases or demo requests or people filling out contact forms.

For every brand, my advice is to take an honest look at your website and say “Is it doing what we needed to do?”.

In my new book, Marketing Spark, there’s a chapter specifically about how to design and build a website. It offers step by step instructions on the things you need to think about, as well as the tools to develop a Website that meets the needs of users.

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