One of the challenges facing many B2B companies is effectively onboarding new customers.

Far too often, customers are left to their own devices. Companies think that customers know what to do so they can get started.

In many cases, customers are aware of the benefits but they need help so they can use the service or product.

At the very least, companies should spell out the steps that a new customer should take. First, you do “X”. Then, “Y”. And then “Z”. It can be that simple. It’s all about handholding and making sure customers are embraced and see the value.

A good example of good, but simple, onboarding design is Oribi, which requires you to install code on a Website so their Web analytics service can begin to work.

Oribi makes it clear there are three options that meet the different needs of new customers. It’s simple, well-designed, and user-friendly. Now, that’s good onboarding.