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Everyone You Need to Know About Podcasting

If you’re interested in podcasting – and who isn’t these days – Chris Wagner has insight into hosting platforms, equipment, launching a podcast, and monetization.

How to be a Career Changing Mentor

Mentorship can make a huge difference personally and professionally. First Round collected 25 tips from the best mentors that it knows.

Why Sales and Marketing Need to Hang Out

In many offices, sales and marketing don’t sit together, which strikes me as peculiar given they’re so intertwined. Jimmy Daly says if sales and marketing aren’t collaborating, your company will spin its wheels.

How to Scale Content Without Watering it Down

In content marketing, there’s a never-ending battle between quality and quantity. Hannah Whalen has some tips on how to ramp up content production without sacrificing quality.

A Multi-Faceted Toolbox for Building Brand Identify

Column Five’s Katy French compiled a list of tools, resources, and tips for building a brand identity. For tool junkies like myself, there is a lot of interesting options.

Surprise, Surprise: Cash is King Again for Startups

At a time when mega-venture capital deals and large acquisitions (e.g. the $4-billion Paypal-Honey deal), startups are starting to compile cash reserves due to concerns about an economic slowdown.

The Inside Scoop on Instagram’s Scaling Recipe

Although I wish the founders of Instagram hadn’t sold their company to Facebook, Instagram’s ability to scale was impressive. On the Investor’s Field Guide Podcast, Instagram’s┬áKevin Systrom and Mike Krieger look back at their growth strategy.


The Importance of Non-Work Passions

I’m a passionate ice hockey player. A friend told me recently he couldn’t imagine how I’d handle stress without an outlet like hockey. It’s why this HBR article about the unexpected benefits of pursuing a passion outside work caught my attention.

When Do You Peak Professionally?

These days, working hard is par for the course. But here’s a question: at what point do you start to decline professionally when you don’t have as much drive, passion, or energy?

A Better, Environmentally Coffee Cup

As much as we talk about being eco-friendly, billions of coffee cups are thrown out every year after a single-use. There has to be a better way. Maybe, it’s the Unocup.