Bad News: Losing My Job. Good News: Launching a Marketing Podcast

Two months ago, I lost my job in the midst of a global pandemic Not great timing. But rather than sitting back, I decided to step up. Almost right away, I reached out to my connections on LinkedIn for guidance on relaunching my marketing consultancy. I talked to...

Superhuman Flies Sky-High, Powered By Brand Positioning

Superhuman is red-hot. The buzz surrounding Superman has much to do with its approach to branding and marketing. First, let’s take a take back. Superhuman is an email app built on top of Gmail that includes some interesting features. So why the buzz? Two words: brand...

Marketing Spark Podcast Show Notes: Alexis Clarfield-Henry

In this episode of the Marketing Spark podcast, we talk to Alexis Clarfield-Henry about what it's like to be the first marketer at a fast-growing startup. Coming from a career in advertising, Alexis was the first marketer at Unata, which developed an e-commerce...

Six Terrifying Words: “We Need Some Help With Marketing”

“We need some help with marketing.” These are six words that I love and six words that scare me. The problem? Many B2B companies looking for "help with marketing" really don't know what’s wrong or how to fix their problems. This is why they need help with marketing....

Marketing Spark Podcast Show Notes: Jay Palter

In this episode of the Marketing Spark podcast, we interview Jay Palter, who helps brands and senior business leaders capitalize on social media. In the wake of COVID-19, many companies have turned to social media to engage with customers and drive leads. Jay provides...

Is the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Dying?

Is the marketing qualified lead dying? There’s no doubt the value of the MQL is being increasingly questioned. B2B Marketers love MQLs but how many of them are legitimate, particularly those generated by free eBooks, case studies, white papers, and mini-courses. Maybe...

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