How Come Everyone’s Still Working So Hard?

How Come Everyone’s Still Working So Hard?

Do you remember when people talked about four-day work weeks? What about "Freedom 55", the idea that you could comfortably retire at 55? These days, however, everyone seems to be working more, not less. With the focus on productivity, efficiencies and higher profit...

Stuck With Your Brand Storytelling? Here’s How to Get Started

Stuck With Your Brand Storytelling? Here’s How to Get Started

According to AdAge, storytelling was among the worst buzzwords in 2017. Storytelling is everywhere as brand frantically try to connect with finicky, mile-a-minute consumers. As much as brands want to tell stories, they struggle to create stories that make an impact....

How to Successfully Hire a Marketing Consultant or Agency

You want to embrace marketing but hiring a marketer is a huge challenge. Come on, it's not that hard. Marketers are a dime a dozen! Marketers (including myself) are slick talkers. We're skilled at convincing people to make decisions. To make that happen, we craft...

How to a Shoot Time-Lapse Video That Makes an Impact

 A client recently asked me to create a series of time-lapse videos on its Website. I did some research that I wanted to share: First, what are time-lapse videos? Time-lapse photography is based on the concept of capturing film frames (also known as frame rates) at...

Stories Are Everywhere So Why Do Brands Struggle With Storytelling?

Brand storytelling is red-hot. Brands want to connect with audiences. They want to engage, entertain and educate. They want to be authentic. They want to tell better stories. Sadly, many brands struggle with storytelling. There's a troubling disconnect between concept...

How to Identify and Leverage Your Competitive Advantages

Just as a messaging exercise involves knowing how rivals talk about themselves and the channels they used, strategic planning requires insight into the competitive landscape. By really knowing your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses, you can establish a...

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