The One Thing Every Marketer Must Do in 2020

Here's the one thing that every marketer needs to do in 2020. Connect with your customers. Meet, talk, survey, call, DM, and email them. Listen to them about their problems, needs, and successes. Solicit their ideas, feedback, and suggestions. Learn about new and...

DuckDuckGo and the Rewards of Going Against the Grain

A couple of weeks ago, I changed my default search engine to DuckDuckGo from Google. It was a decision based on privacy concerns; DuckDuckGo allows you to browse anonymously. Jumping off the bandwagon is hard. When everyone is using a particular product (or marketing...

The Importance of Setting Expectations for Customers

One of the keys to marketing success is setting expectations. It is important to be clear what a customer will experience and the value that your product delivers. It establishes the rules of engagement and, if done right, sets the stage for customer loyalty. Here's a...

Why Black Friday is a Marketer’s Nightmare

Black Friday is a marketer's nightmare. It's a time when prices rule and everything else (benefits, features, experiences, storytelling) hides in the background. Consumers, seduced by lower prices, buy want they want, not necessarily want they need while retailers...

Why I Don’t Trust Anyone in My Inbox Anymore

I don't trust my inbox anymore. When I receive an email from the bank, Netflix, PayPal, eBay, etc., I consider them spam or phishing rather than authentic. Spoofing has become so complex and sophisticated, it's increasingly challenging to tell what's real and what's...

Grow Even Faster Newsletter (November 22, 2019 Edition)

Every week, I scour the Web looking for interesting content about marketing, sales, and growth, as well as items that I find interesting. Then, I package them up in a newsletter that is published on Saturday mornings. Here are the links from the Nov. 22 issue. If you...

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