Sometimes, Small Moves (And Lower Beer Prices) Make a Big Marketing Impact

In a competitive landscape, it's the little things that make a big difference. An essential part of my beer league hockey is the post-game gathering. After our long-time local watering hole abruptly closed, we scattered to a number of other places. I tried to convince...

Is Marketing Success About Who Makes the Most Noise?

Does the loudest voice rule the market? When I listen to the radio in the morning, it is virtually impossible to not hear an ad for real estate agent Frank Leo and his "multi-million dollar marketing system". While many real estate agents also advertise their...

What’s More Important: A Good Brand or Product?

What's more important: good branding or a good product? At a time when perception is reality, I believe high-quality products matter. Even good marketing can't hide the fact that a product is mediocre. The perception/reality scenario reared its head recently when I...

Is Good Enough Marketing Good Enough or a Lazy Approach?

Is good enough good enough? It’s an intriguing question that popped up recently when I went to buy oven mitts for my wife’s birthday. (Yes, there were other gifts!) The first destination was a large kitchen store where they sell everything. The oven mitts, made from...

Good Website Onboarding Design: Answer What Happens Next?

One of the challenges facing many B2B companies is effectively onboarding new customers. Far too often, customers are left to their own devices. Companies think that customers know what to do so they can get started. In many cases, customers are aware of the benefits...

Saying Sorry Takes Strength of Character, Not Guts

Seth Godin suggests that saying "sorry" takes "guts" Personally, it has nothing to with guts, courage, sacrifice, or being a man/woman. Saying "sorry" takes empathy, the ability to admit you're wrong, and a willingness to feel uncomfortable. Too often, we look to...

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