How Much Marketing Do You Really Need To Do?

How much marketing do you do? When I look at some of the high-profile consultants and coaches, it's hard not to get the feeling that they do marketing all the time. There are videos, there are blog posts, there are webinars.  Personally, it's overwhelming. I say to...

Marketing is Often About Making Difficult Decisions

One of the things about marketing is it often comes down to making difficult choices. You need to be honest about the channels that work for you; the channels that drive awareness, leads, and sales. I was thinking about this recently after a conversation with my...

The Key to Turning Storytelling Ideas Into Tactical Reality

For the past few years, storytelling has been all the rage. We all need to become storytellers. Every brand has to tell stories so many many brands are trying to jump on the storytelling bandwagon. They look at companies such as Airbnb and GoPro and say "You know. I...

Four Reasons Why Videos On LinkedIn Are Skyrocketing

Are you making LinkedIn videos these days? A growing number of entrepreneurs are jumping on the video bandwagon. It's really interesting to see how LinkedIn has suddenly emerged as a video platform. LinkedIn has come a long way from being a place where recruiters...

Should B2B Technology Companies Leverage Social Media?

Every company uses social media. As a default, companies have a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account because, after all, everyone else has them. But does social media make sense for B2B technology companies? Can social media be used to attract, engage and nurture...

Does Your Company Have a Killer Four-Word Story?

When I do strategic messaging or storytelling workshops, one of my favorite exercises is having people create four-word stories. I'm looking for them to succinctly and accurately say what their companies make or four words. If you can nail what you do in four...

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