Case Studies Need To Be a Key Part Of Your Marketing Mix

In some respects, case studies are the Rodney Dangerfield of the marketing world: they get no respect. Case studies are considered marketing that showcases a company’s best customers. These are customers that have benefited from using a company’s product and, of...

Is The Party Over for Startup Incubators and Accelerators?

Over the past few years, startup incubators and accelerators have popped up like weeds. At last count, there were 150 in Canada. They let entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs shape their ideas and establish their businesses. Featuring reasonable rents, good...

You Need a Totally Awesome Answer to “What Do You Do?”

"We save marriages".  Three simple but powerful words. It was an entrepreneur's answer to the classic cocktail question: "What do you do?". From experience, most people have bad or boring answers to "What do you do?". They are informative but lack sizzle and pizzazz....

Marketing Success Comes Down to Embracing The Six “C” Approach

Marketing Success Comes Down to Embracing The Six “C” Approach

For many small businesses, marketing is a daunting proposition. They're excited but not sure how to get started and, as important, how to do it successfully. Before throwing themselves into marketing, here are the six "C's" that small businesses need to think about:...

How Come Everyone’s Still Working So Hard?

How Come Everyone’s Still Working So Hard?

Do you remember when people talked about four-day work weeks? What about "Freedom 55", the idea that you could comfortably retire at 55? These days, however, everyone seems to be working more, not less. With the focus on productivity, efficiencies and higher profit...

Stuck With Your Brand Storytelling? Here’s How to Get Started

Stuck With Your Brand Storytelling? Here’s How to Get Started

According to AdAge, storytelling was among the worst buzzwords in 2017. Storytelling is everywhere as brand frantically try to connect with finicky, mile-a-minute consumers. As much as brands want to tell stories, they struggle to create stories that make an impact....

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