Not Every Entrepreneur Wants or Needs to Scale Their Business

Down the street from my house, there's a butcher with a showcase that literally makes you drool...assuming you're a carnivore. The business has been around for nearly 60 years. A couple years ago, the father died and the store is now run by his sons. After picking up...

Once You Have Customers, Don’t Stop Marketing to Them

For most companies, marketing is about driving leads and sales. Companies invest time and effort to capture people's attention, nurture them, and close deals. The nurturing process includes blog posts, videos, infographics, eBooks, one-pagers, podcasts, and...

The Marketing Lessons That I’ve Learned From Tennis

I'm an enthusiastic tennis player. I'm like the girl with the curl: when I'm good, I'm really good but when I'm bad, I'm really bad. Tennis (and my other athletic passion hockey) is a great way to escape the stresses of running a small business because there's not...

Why The Growing and Enthusiastic Embrace of Cold-Calling?

The marketing world loves to jump on bandwagons or shiny new toys. A few years ago, it was social media. Then, content marketing became the belle of the ball, followed by storytelling. These days, cold-calling is being embraced as the hottest marketing and sales tool....

Eight Ways The Marketing Landscape Will Change in 2018, IMHO

The marketing world is always changing. New tools, platforms, and concepts emerge as brands look for different ways to attract and engage customers. For me, 2017 was highlighted by shifts in focus (small businesses vs. startups), new services, a new projects such as a...

How Much Does a Website Really Cost to Build?

What's the price-tag for a new or refreshed startup? Truth be told, I don't really know. It is a difficult question to answer because it depends on things such as the number of pages, bells and whistles, e-commerce capabilities and the ability to play nice with other...

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