How Entrepreneurs Can Attract the Media Spotlight

For many entrepreneurs, it is frustrating to see the competition capture the media spotlight. For whatever reason, a rival attracted media coverage while you, who may have a better product or a more compelling story, sits unnoticed the sidelines. Truth be told,...

What Marketers Can Learn From The SNC-Lavalin Fiasco

In Canada, the SNC-Lavalin issue threatens to skewer the Liberals' prospects of re-election this fall. It has also raised serious questions about the independence of Canada's legal system and how people define "appropriate". For marketers, I believe the biggest lesson...

Why B2B Technology Companies Need to Be Great Storytellers

For the past few years, I have been waging a Don Quixote-like campaign to convince fast-growing B2B technology companies to tell better stories. I've written blog posts and a book, Marketing Spark, and done workshops. To be honest, it is a challenging and often uphill...

Four Ways to Discover If Your Strategic Messaging Resonates

A couple of weeks ago, I went through a buyer persona and messaging exercise with a client. We were attempting to identify the people who matter within their key verticals and then develop messaging that resonated. We want to create messaging that identified their...

Do Blogs Still Have Any Value for Marketing?

I recently read an article by Ramona Sukhraj asking whether blogging for marketing is dead. Clearly, the title was linkbait but it raised an interesting question about the value of blogging. While there are millions of blogs and lots of content is generated, many of...

No One Reads Your eBooks. It’s Time For a New Approach

No One Reads Your eBooks. It’s Time For a New Approach

Do people really read e-books? I mean, lots of them published by brands looking to deliver thought leadership and industry insight. Some brands like HubSpot do a good job but most brands create, at best, mediocre collateral. Nevertheless, many people download e-books...

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