Do Blogs Still Have Any Value for Marketing?

I recently read an article by Ramona Sukhraj asking whether blogging for marketing is dead. Clearly, the title was linkbait but it raised an interesting question about the value of blogging. While there are millions of blogs and lots of content is generated, many of...

No One Reads Your eBooks. It’s Time For a New Approach

No One Reads Your eBooks. It’s Time For a New Approach

Do people really read e-books? I mean, lots of them published by brands looking to deliver thought leadership and industry insight. Some brands like HubSpot do a good job but most brands create, at best, mediocre collateral. Nevertheless, many people download e-books...

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Be Outrageously Confident

"I want to send autonomous robots to Mars so they can build infrastructure". It was the first thing that an entrepreneur told me after she sat down for a 30-minute consulting session. My first thought was "You're kidding", followed by "This is the craziest idea that...

Getting a Crystal Clear View of Your Customers With Buyer Personas

Getting a Crystal Clear View of Your Customers With Buyer Personas

How well do you know your customers? I mean, how well do you really know them? Do you know their pains, problems aspirations, dreams, responsibilities when it comes to making decisions, and how they define success? So it always troubles and amazes me when I ask...

The Three Keys to Creating Compelling Brand Storytelling

Over the years, I've done brand storytelling workshops for many organizations: incubators, accelerators, brands, and agencies. Last week, for the first time, I did a workshop for the general public. I sold tickets and reached out to lots of people in my network and...

B2B Marketers and Salespeople Need To Stop Pushing Prospects So Hard

In a digital world teeming with calls-to-action (aka CTAs), there is a tsunami of opportunities for prospects and customers to download, register, sign up, subscribe, get a demo, learn more, read, and see how. All it takes is an email address to receive free eBooks,...

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