Time to Be Bold and Embrace Creative Marketing Amid the Noise

Marketing is a huge challenge right now. People aren't paying attention. Budgets are shrinking. Every brand is pumping out content (most of it mediocre). But it doesn't mean marketers should simply ride it out. Not every marketing campaign has to be empathetic and...

Content Marketing When No One Gives a Crap About Your Product

Amid COVID-19, no one cares about your product. They don't care about how much it costs. They don't care about your email marketing campaigns, social media updates, or how you've raised venture capital. They care about the health of their families, keeping their jobs,...

Amid COVID-19, Marketing and Marketers Matter

Marketing still matters. It's easy to believe that marketing is a luxury amid uncertain times. When attracting leads and sales is crucial, marketing can appear less important and, frankly, necessary. The reality is that marketing is a competitive advantage. If the...

Will COVID-19 Jump-Start Premium Content?

In general, I don't pay for online content. When so much is free, why pay for it? That's changed. Amid COVID-19, the value of high-quality, insight writing is obvious and necessary...and needs to be supported. Personally, I'm enjoying The Guardian, The New York Times,...

Working From Home 101 (The New Rules of Engagement)

Many people are now working from home due to COVID-19. Before jumping back into the world of cubicles, I spent 10 years #WFH as a consultant. Here are some tips. - Take a shower. It's easy to head downstairs for coffee and then slide into the home office. - Get...

Marketers Need to Stop Overthinking Marketing

Marketers overthink marketing. We focus on product, data, competitive differentiators, channels, price, and the marketing mix. But marketing that resonates, attracts, and engages is driven by one powerful concept: Answer your customer's questions. Your customers are...

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