B2B Marketers and Salespeople Need To Stop Pushing Prospects So Hard

In a digital world teeming with calls-to-action (aka CTAs), there is a tsunami of opportunities for prospects and customers to download, register, sign up, subscribe, get a demo, learn more, read, and see how. All it takes is an email address to receive free eBooks,...

More Marketers Need to Move Like Justin Trudeau

As next year's federal election begins to gear up, Justin Trudeau has a new marketing technique: he's making telephone calls to random people. And he's willing to have a half-hour conversation about a variety of issues. In a Toronto Star column, Susan Delacourt wrote...

Six Lessons About Messaging From Working with 100+ Entrepreneurs

In a fast-moving world, it’s important to have messaging that tells people what you do, who you serve, and how you’re unique. Simply put, people want to quickly know how your brand or product is relevant. It’s Marketing 101. Yet many businesses struggle with bad...

Five Important (Non-Data) Marketing Trends for 2019

It goes without saying the marketing landscape is increasingly treacherous. It's challenging to capture the spotlight and get people to pay attention. With so much information coming at them, people happily ignore, delete or quickly scan your well-planned campaigns....

Stop Throttling Your Marketing and Storytelling Creativity

I recently did a brainstorming session with a small business that was stuck with their storytelling. It has a marketing team, lots of ideas, customers, and exciting growth plans. But the company's marketing had no energy, sizzle, or stories. And they couldn't figure...

10 Lessons From 10 Years As An Entrepreneur

I describe myself as an accidental entrepreneur. I liked having a full-time job, a bi-weekly paycheque, benefits, and vacation time allowed me to unplug. But then I lost my job. Ten years ago, the travel startup where I worked had to slash costs. It was the height of...

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