Marketing Spark Podcast Show Notes: Steve Watt

In this episode of the Marketing Spark podcast, we interview Steve Watt, VP, Marketing of Grapevine6. An experienced marketing leader, Steve and I talked about the balancing act between building branding and driving revenue. For all the talk about generating leads,...

Great Storytelling is About the Brand Experience, Not Your Product

People don't care about your product. They don't care how it works or the features. They care about the experience that it delivers. How will your product change their lives? What could they do with your product to become faster, smarter, more productive, healthier,...

How B2B Companies Can Stand Out As Different

Everyone wants to be different. But it ain’t easy. It’s easy to be like and act everyone else. It’s easy to blend into the crowd or run with the herd, thereby avoiding the spotlight for being different. But “sameness” for B2B brands is dangerous. It is difficult to...

Bad News: Losing My Job. Good News: Launching a Marketing Podcast

Two months ago, I lost my job in the midst of a global pandemic Not great timing. But rather than sitting back, I decided to step up. Almost right away, I reached out to my connections on LinkedIn for guidance on relaunching my marketing consultancy. I talked to...

Welcome to the Bold New World of B2B Micro-Marketing

Welcome the world of B2B micro-marketing. As attention span shrink, B2B marketers have to deliver their messages faster and a lot more efficiently. I'm talking about things like: 30-second videos that educate and engage prospects and customers. Five-minute podcasts...

The Simple Reason Why Great Brand Positioning Really Matters

“Nothing else will work if your positioning is wrong”. "Positioning amplifies everything that you do" I love it when B2B marketers talk about strategic positioning in this way because it's absolutely true. If you are not saying the right things to the people who...

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