Good Website Onboarding Design: Answer What Happens Next?

One of the challenges facing many B2B companies is effectively onboarding new customers. Far too often, customers are left to their own devices. Companies think that customers know what to do so they can get started. In many cases, customers are aware of the benefits...

Saying Sorry Takes Strength of Character, Not Guts

Seth Godin suggests that saying "sorry" takes "guts" Personally, it has nothing to with guts, courage, sacrifice, or being a man/woman. Saying "sorry" takes empathy, the ability to admit you're wrong, and a willingness to feel uncomfortable. Too often, we look to...

The Grow Even Faster Newsletter (August 3rd Edition)

I read a lot of content online. On Saturday mornings, I publish the most interesting links in a newsletter called Grow Even Faster. It features hand-picked articles about marketing, sales, Canadian tech news, and stories that I find different or interesting. If you...

Great Ideas Like Spicy Cheetos Can From Anyone

Where and how do ideas for great products emerge? Great ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. It comes down to being creative, smart, inspired, opportunistic, fortunate, and being at the right place at the right time. Someone with a good idea may need a lucky break...

The Tao of Kawhi (Leonard) for Marketers

It is still difficult to believe but the Toronto Raptors are the NBA champions. We the North rule the basketball world. The title was driven by Kawhi Leonard, who entranced Raptors’ fans with his sublime basketball skills and a cool, calm, and collected demeanor. Over...

Can Marketers Leverage Reddit? (Grow Even Faster Newsletter)

My new job at Daisy Intelligence is great but the commute is awful. Who knew that traffic in suburban Toronto was as bad as downtown! The upside - as you can probably tell - is I have discovered podcasts. (Note: Stitcher is a great listening tool). One of my favorites...

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