Selling Shouldn’t Be About Your Product

Successful selling is about three things: establishing trust, building confidence, and getting people to believe you. It's storytelling that reflects how customers experience your product and how it impacts their personal and/or professional lives. It's convincing...

What? La-Z-Boy Sells Things Other Than Recliners?

When you think about La-Z-Boy (assuming you think about La-Z-Boy!), the first thought is probably a reclining chair in the rec room in front of a very large TV. La-Z-Boy is an iconic brand and the recliner is a reflection of its 90-year-old corporate history. But...

Sometimes, Small Moves (And Lower Beer Prices) Make a Big Marketing Impact

In a competitive landscape, it's the little things that make a big difference. An essential part of my beer league hockey is the post-game gathering. After our long-time local watering hole abruptly closed, we scattered to a number of other places. I tried to convince...

Is Marketing Success About Who Makes the Most Noise?

Does the loudest voice rule the market? When I listen to the radio in the morning, it is virtually impossible to not hear an ad for real estate agent Frank Leo and his "multi-million dollar marketing system". While many real estate agents also advertise their...

What’s More Important: A Good Brand or Product?

What's more important: good branding or a good product? At a time when perception is reality, I believe high-quality products matter. Even good marketing can't hide the fact that a product is mediocre. The perception/reality scenario reared its head recently when I...

Is Good Enough Marketing Good Enough or a Lazy Approach?

Is good enough good enough? It’s an intriguing question that popped up recently when I went to buy oven mitts for my wife’s birthday. (Yes, there were other gifts!) The first destination was a large kitchen store where they sell everything. The oven mitts, made from...

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