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The Marketing Spark System

Marketing Spark is a four-step system that establishes the key pillars for marketing success. It’s designed for fast-growing companies that want a structured approach to marketing that clearly articulates their goals, target audiences, and the most effective channels.

Marketing Spark is powered by workbooks, templates and my experience with more than 100 clients over the past 10 years. Together, we’ll tackle your challenges and seize new opportunities.

Marketing Audit

To create a roadmap for success, it’s crucial to understand how your marketing has performed. What’s worked? What hasn’t worked and why? How can your marketing be improved? An in-depth exploration of all your marketing activities offers valuable insight to decide how to move forward in the best ways possible.

Deliverables: A report and briefing on your marketing and how it can be improved.
Timeline: One to two weeks.

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How it works:

Supported by user-friendly worksheets, we’ll focus on everything marketing-related: your Website, social media, sales sheets, blog posts, video, newsletters, etc. We’ll take an honest look at how well each channel has performed and how to make improvements or changes in the marketing mix. The deliverable is a document that delivers a clear snapshot of what’s happened and why.

Messaging and Brand Positioning

Great storytelling and messaging is a game-changer. In a fast-moving world, the power to quickly tell what you do, who you serve and why it matters is powerful. It makes consumers think about how your product could make an impact on their lives and how it addresses their problems.

Deliverables: Value propositions, positioning statement, elevator pitch, competitive audit, brand assessment and briefing.
Timeline: Four to six weeks.

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How it works:

Creating brand stories and core messaging involves an in-depth look at your product, target audiences, how you’re unique, and the competition Using frameworks, we’ll collaborate to create a strategic story, value proposition, elevator pitch, positioning statement, key benefits, mission statement and vision statement.

What you get:

An in-depth document that includes the key deliverables, as well as interview notes with key stakeholders (customers, analysts, executives, and employees), and a competitive audit that explores and identities how rivals position themselves.

The document underpins your sales and marketing, offering guidance about what appears on your Website, social media, videos, sales and marketing collateral, presentations, investors decks, media outreach, and internal communications.

Marketing Strategy

You’re looking to attract more leads and sales. You want a marketing plan to move forward with confidence, rather than doing things on the fly. You need a high-performance marketing “engine” to accelerate your company’s growth and establish a roadmap for success.

Deliverables: An in-depth roadmap that prioritizes your marketing efforts, buyer personas and buyer’s journey map, tactical implementation plan.
Timing: Four to six weeks

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How it works:

Using my frameworks and workbooks, I’ll help you create a plan focused on your goals and target audiences. It involves interviews with key stakeholders and customers, an audit of your marketing and collateral, an in-depth review of competitors, and market research.

What you get:

A strategic plan that establishes marketing priorities so you can focus on what matters. It also includes:

  • Buyer personas to know exactly how to engage with the people your product serves.
  • The buyer’s journey to deliver the right content to attract and nurture leads.
  • Brand positioning and messaging to connect with target audiences.
  • Recommendations about the best marketing channels, goals and tactical best practices

Tactical Execution

A marketing plan lets you focus on doing the right things at the right time to drives your goals such as leads, sales, brand awareness and, customer engagement. Working with trusted partners, I can provide a wide array of tactical services that makes marketing come alive.

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I can help with:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Graphic design
  • Social media
  • Customer onboarding
  • Email marketing
  • PR/Media outreach
  • Influence marketing
  • Website copywriting
  • Website design and development

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“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

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