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From working with 100+ clients over the past 10 years, I delivered strategic and tactical guidance to many fast-growing companies.

Marketing Strategy

You have a great product but need more leads and sales. You need a high-performance marketing “engine” to accelerate your company’s growth and establish a roadmap for success.

Deliverables: An in-depth roadmap that articulates your marketing efforts, buyer personas and buyer’s journey, and tactical implementation plan.
Timing: Four weeks

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How it works:

Using my frameworks and workbooks, I’ll help you create a plan focused on your goals and target audiences. It involves interviews with key stakeholders, an audit of your marketing and collateral, competitive review, and market research.

What you get:

A strategic plan that establishes marketing priorities so you can focus on what matters. It also includes:

  • Buyer personas to know exactly how to engage with the people your product serves.
  • The buyer’s journey to deliver the right content to attract and nurture leads.
  • Recommendations about the best marketing channels, goals and tactical best practices

Messaging and Brand Positioning

Storytelling and messaging is a game-changer. In a fast-moving world, the ability to quickly tell what you do, who you serve and why it matters resonates.

Deliverables: Brand narrative, positioning statement, elevator pitch, and competitive audit, and competitive audit.
Timeline: Four to six weeks.

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How it works:

Creating brand stories and core messaging involves an in-depth look at your product, target audiences, how you’re unique, and the competition Using frameworks, we’ll collaborate to create a strategic story, value proposition, elevator pitch, positioning statement, key benefits, mission statement and vision statement.

What you get:

An in-depth document that includes the key deliverables, as well as interview notes with key stakeholders (customers, analysts, executives, and employees), and a competitive audit that explores and identities how rivals position themselves.

The document underpins your sales and marketing, offering guidance about what appears on your Website, social media, videos, sales and marketing collateral, presentations, investors decks, media outreach, and internal communications.

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People Say…

As Leonardo looking to drive growth, we needed messaging and a brand story that was compelling and clear to customers, partners and employees. Mark Evans led us through a process that was creative, engaging and collaborative

Mark Charlinski, Leonardo Worldwide

Mark did an impactful workshop with Stem Minds team on storytelling what we do. The approach and exercises were relevant and meaningful and allowed us to outline a better brand story.

Anu Bidani, StemMinds

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

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