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Most companies don’t know how to tell their stories.
Here’s how I can help:

Tell Your Story, Better

Create messaging that tells your story: what your product does, the value it delivers, how it’s unique and who needs it. Make it real, for real people.

Create Strategic Plans

Craft strategic roadmaps that drive your marketing objectives and reflect priorities, budgets and the competitive landscape. It’s about building a roadmap for success.

Connect With Your Audiences

Develop quality content to drive the sales funnel, delivered to the right people in the right places: Websites, videos, blogs, infographics, newsletters….and more.

My new book is out!

Storytelling for Startups: How Fast-Growing Companies Can Embrace the Power of Story-Driven Marketing.

The time for story-driven marketing is now. This book is designed for people who recognize that stories can give their companies a competitive edge, be a key part in creating a vibrant brand personality, and, in the process, drive higher sales.

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For most early-stage startups, marketing usually ranks behind product development and sales in terms of priorities and budget. Startups focus on building a product and then allocate resources to selling it. It’s a straightforward formula for business success,...

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It easier than ever to create a startup. You can turn an idea into an app or an online service relatively quickly and inexpensively. It explains why entrepreneurship is exploding and there are startups offering solutions for everything. The problem, however, is...

People Say…

Mark helped Limelight from day one by refining our messaging and turbo-charging our content marketing. He’s a great addition for startups looking to drive demand generation. Mark helped us navigate the complicated messaging and content process of a big data solution. He was fast to learn the industry, attentive to our needs and very flexible with his work schedule.

Jonah Midanik

Limelight Platform

Mark took our vision and value proposition and re-shaped our language into a core messaging document we can use for our marketing collateral. I would highly recommend Mark for startups shaping their messaging.

Amit Jhas


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