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Latest Posts

Sometimes, Business Success is a Matter of Luck

For all the work that goes into developing, selling and marketing a product, sometimes success happens by chance or being in the right place at the right time. I was reminded of this reality during a recent meeting with a potential client. One day, an elderly gentleman walked into the company’s store to purchase a home appliance. A few days later, the customer returned. He was so pleased with the product’s performance that he had a proposal – he would help the company get its products into a number of major retailers. There were no strings attached. If sales happened, a commission would be paid. As promised, the 79-year-old gentleman, who had extensive experience in sales, followed through on his promise and become one of the company’s salespeople. The company enjoyed significant growth and, as important, the gentleman became a mentor to the company’s owner. Here are some important lessons: You never know when or where new opportunities will emerge, but you need to be ready to explore and embrace them. Sometimes, things happen after a lot of work and effort. Sometimes, success occurs due to serendipity – e.g. sitting beside someone at a conference or being introduced at a dinner party. The world is full of possibilities if you’re open to them. A good product is a powerful marketing vehicle. At the end of the day, I believe product is king if it delights customers. Marketing and sales play a key role in amplifying the benefits and value of a product, but the product needs to stand on its own two feet. There are lessons to be discovered from all kinds...

Three Reasons Why Startup Messaging Is Hard to Create

For startups, it is a challenge to develop well-articulated messaging – even though it’s a key to success. As a result, many startups struggle to clearly communicate what they do and, as important, why it matters. Instead, their messaging is confusing and difficult to get. Instead of attracting people, it drives them away. From experience in developing messaging for startups, here are the three biggest hurdles faced by startups: Startups are product-focused, rather than customer-focused. As a result, the story being delivered is focused on the product’s features, bells and whistles and pricing. For a product-obsessed startup, these attributes are valued. For consumers, however, these things don’t matter. I’m being flippant, but what I mean is consumers see features and prices are table stakes – they’re something every company has to highlight, but they’re game-changers. To get the attention of consumers, it’s more important to talk about the experience delivered by a product and the benefits. Messaging needs to be about a customer’s needs, interests, goals and problems, rather than a startup’s goals and interests. If you’re not telling consumers how your product will make them more productive, profitable, healthier, etc., you’re marketing is ineffective and unable to create a positive impression. A lack of perspective: Working for a startup is a consuming, demanding and obsessive environment. It is a heads down, 24/7 creature that feels like operating in a silo. The problem is there is no or little feedback loop from the outside world. The product is developed, features are added and marketing happens in a vacuum. This is a mistake because it’s an approach based on a vision...

People Say…

Probably the greatest asset Mark brought to the team and project was his collaborative nature. We worked through many scenarios and he even guided us through two very large pivots in our thinking. Deb Krizmanich, PowerNoodle
Mark helped us navigate the complicated messaging and content process of a big data solution. He was fast to learn the industry, attentive to our needs, and very flexible on his work schedule. Kerry Liu, co-founder, Rubikloud

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