Five Critical Elements of an Awesome Elevator Pitch

What do you do? It is a question that we’re asked on a regular basis. So what’s your answer? Is it clear and concise? Do people ask questions to learn more? Everyone needs a good answer to “What do you do?" You need a crystal one or sentence response – otherwise known...

How Great is Your Answer to: “So, What Do You Do?”

"So, what do you do?". It's a question you probably get asked a lot when meeting new people, attending conferences, meeting for coffee or at a dinner party. How good is your answer? Is it interesting? Do people ask more questions? Or does it generate a "meh" reaction,...

For Marketers, Trust and Honesty Are Critical Ingredients

Marketers are snake oil salesmen. They can talk the talk and make everything sound amazing. Marketers are seductive. They get people excited by saying the right things and throwing around the right buzzwords. Marketers are also dangerous because they are, well,...

Sorry, Your Startup is DOA Without a Great Story

                Last week, an early-stage startup took a polite pass on a messaging and marketing strategy project. On one hand, I wasn't surprised because the entrepreneurs are bootstrapping the development of a mobile...

Are Conferences Still Relevant and Worth Attending?

Conferences are hard work. Getting a venue, inviting speakers, selling tickets and attracting sponsors takes weeks and month to do. [Note: I know the pain first-hand from organizing the mesh and mesh marketing conferences] Even after all the organizing, you're not...

Let’s Do A Lot More Talking And A Lot Less Typing

When did talking to people because so difficult? Was there a moment in time in the last 10 years when people decided that talking was too much work? To connect with people, we email, Skype, Slack, DM, and text. Talking is for losers. Some people are even suggesting...

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