Early-Stage Startups Should Live in the Basement (aka No Office)

For many startups, an office validates their existence. An office tells the world that a startup is wearing "big boy pants". It has evolved from an idea into a business. Startups lease office space and then spend time and money making it look cool and funky. In many...

The Magic of Connecting When You Disconnect

As someone who runs their own business, it is difficult to disconnect from the Web. You don't want to miss an opportunity to attract new business, create new connections or gain insight into new and interesting trends. We - the always-connected - scour our inboxes on...

It’s Impossible for Startups to Not Invest in Marketing

There is a strange badge of honor for startups claiming to spend no money on marketing. They proudly declare their frugality as a positive. "Look at us. We're in business but haven't spent a dime on marketing. We are so smart!" Actually, they're dumb and misguided....

Why Every Startup Really Needs a Marketing Strategy

For many startups, a marketing strategy gets between them and tactical execution. In theory, it seems like a good idea but strategic plans are bypassed or receive little attention because a startup is focused on getting stuff done. But not having a marketing strategy...

So You Really Want To Become a Consultant?

On a fairly regular basis, I'm approached by people exploring the idea of becoming a consultant. They are intrigued by the idea of running their own business, having work/life flexibility, and escaping the cubicle. [Note: Here's a Slideshare version of this post and...

Is Social Media a Complete Waste of Time and Money?

Marie Wiese suggests that 99% of companies waste their time on social media - and I think she is absolutely right. The biggest problem is startups and many brands believe they need have an extensive social media footprint. As table stakes, they need a presence on...

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