Product Launches: Expect the Best But Prepare for the Worst

When a startup launches a new product, optimism rules the day. Everyone expects the product is welcomed with open arms,  positive experiences and enthusiastic media coverage. But what if the launch stumbles? What if the product fails to meet expectations? What if some...

Holy Crap, I’ve Become a Marketing Dinosaur

I had an “enlightening” dinner with recently with a group of young marketers. The conversation ranged from SEO and content marketing to keyword-driven micro-businesses and click funnels. For a storyteller, it was fascinating and terrifying at the same...

How to Rediscover Your Passion for Blogging

Blogging is hard work. It takes time, effort and idea to consistently write new content. The beast keeps needing to be fed, and it needs to be fed often. It explains why many blogs struggle to survive, even though there are tangible benefits for brand awareness,...

Pizza Pizza’s “Accidental” Marketing Bonanza

The thing about marketing is it often has nothing to do with leveraging data, creative genius or timing. Sometimes, it has everything to do with being accidentally lucky. You do something that seems like a good idea, only to see it become much bigger and more...

Startups Demo Pitches Are Great Storytelling Opportunities

When a startup gives a mini-presentation at a conference, the format is fairly standard: personal introduction, the name of startup, the problem being tackled, and the totally awesome solution. The five-minute format is informative and concise but not interactive or...

Are “Successful” Entrepreneurs Given Way Too Much Credit?

Amid our rampant love affair with startups, here’s a question: do we give entrepreneurs too much credit when they’re successful? It’s something struck me while reading about the rise and fall of Nasty Girl, a one-time e-commerce high-flyer now...

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