So You Really Want To Become a Consultant?

On a fairly regular basis, I’m approached by people exploring the idea of becoming a consultant. They are intrigued by the idea of running their own business, having work/life flexibility, and escaping the cubicle. [Note: Here’s a Slideshare version of...

Is Social Media a Complete Waste of Time and Money?

Marie Wiese suggests that 99% of companies waste their time on social media – and I think she is absolutely right. The biggest problem is startups and many brands believe they need have an extensive social media footprint. As table stakes, they need a presence...

Discovering and Telling Good Stories is Not Rocket Science

                A few weeks ago, I was doing errands with my wife and daughter. While they went to get bubble tea, I decided to pop into a store that repairs Macs. The store is small – probably 10′ x 40 – and...

For Me, Being Fired by a Startup Means Marketing Success

“You’re fired”. To me, they’re sweet words. It means a startup or small business is ready to move forward with marketing. They understand their goals and have a well-defined plan to move forward with confidence. As important, they have a...

Does the C-Suite Really Need a Chief Storytelling Officer?

When I “grow up”, I want to be a Chief Storytelling Officer (aka CSO). It’s so much cooler sounding than “Principal” or “Chief Marketing Officer”. The Chief Storytelling Officer is somebody wildly creative, skilled at...

It’s a Cold, Cold, Cold Calling World of Startup Sales

Update: After reading this post, a friend sent me an email about how many startups in Silicon Valley are now cold emailing using apps and platforms that make it easy to mail merging and batch emailing, as well as purchased I have a client behaving in the strangest...

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