I work with startups looking jump-start their marketing activities – everyone from early-stage startups that need a better story to fast-growing startups that need marketing content or a well-defined marketing strategy to fuel growth.

My services include:

core messagingDeveloping stories that make an impact (messaging and positioning): This establishes a clear and coherent story about what you do and value your products deliver, as well as creating a solid foundation for marketing and sales activities.

marketing strategyBuilding a startup marketing engine to help startups create strategic marketing plans that meet the needs of target audiences and drive the sales funnel. It includes a tactical execution plan to identify marketing priorities.

content marketingCreating and planning content marketing: The development creation of high-quality content for Websites, videos, blog posts, infographics, newsletters, case studies, etc. on an as-needed or subscription basis. It is a cost-effective way to  get the content to attract the spotlight.

If you’d like more information, contact me via e-mail or call 416-669-7028.