I help you tell better stories

It’s a dog eat dog world. Brands that tell good stories, win; brands that don’t, lose.

I provide startups and entrepreneurs with strategic insight and tactical execution to accelerate their marketing activities. Hands-on, engaged and collaborative.

Tell Your Story, Better

Develop clear messaging that tells your story: what your product does, the value it delivers, and who it serves. Make it real, for real people.

Create Strategic Roadmaps

Create well-defined strategic plans so your marketing is focused, targeted and reflects your goals, priorities and the competitive landscape.

Connect With Your Audiences

Create high quality content, which is delivered to the right people in the right places: video, blogs, infographics, newsletters….and more.

How I Work (my five-step approach)


Focus on the customer, product and marketplace

A key part of marketing success is having a strong grasp on a customer’s needs, goals and interests, and how they make buying decisions. You also want insight into what rivals are doing.


Establish your priorities

Driving marketing goals hinges on effectively doing things that deliver a return on investment and effort. This provides a well-defined roadmap for short and long-term needs.


Create an engaging story

Standing out from the crowd is driven by clearly articulated what you do, the value delivered by your products, and who’s being served. A compelling story and messaging establish the foundation for marketing success.


Tactical execution

To connect with your audiences, you need content (aka stories) – Websites, videos, infographics, etc. – created by myself, or by a network of trusted suppliers (aka The Federation).


Develop a marketing plan

Who are the audiences for your stories and how do you connect them? As important, you need to align resources (people, time and money) with your tactical objectives, and be track your progress.


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