Looks like TechCrunch has jumped on my “So, who’s got a solid business model” theory in light of a number of Web 2.0 start-ups (Raw Sugar, Filmloop, Browster) that have called it a day recently. It’s definitely a sign of things to come but perhaps it’s a healthy sign that many VC or angel-backed start-ups are quietly fading into the sunset rather than blowing themselves and their retail investors in smithereens a la the dot-com boom. May I boldly suggest that the leading contender for Web 2.0 trend of ’07 will be the start-up shut-down.
Update: Fred Wilson makes an excellent point about the necessity of the Dead Pool. It does seem kind of strange for TechCrunch, the leading proponent of the Web 2.0 start-up, to be writing up the exciting start-ups as they emerge, and then writing ’em down as they fail. It’s like a parent celebrating when they child drops out of school. Weird. By the way, wouldn’t it be nice to still have the Dead 2.0 blog around. He’d love all these doom, gloom, failure and bubble talk.

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