Stuff that caught my eye this week….

1. A-lister blogger Fred Wilson complained about Techmeme going mainstream and his disappearance off the Techmeme 100. This prompted a couple commenters to recommend alternatives such as TechWatching and popurls. I’m sure there are others. If you know some, pipe up.

2. Anyone really believe Facebook could get into the browser business? I do. In fact, I predict Facebook will buy Flock to create the FBrowser. Just remember, you heard it here first. 🙂 By the way, how often do you change you Facebook user status? You can participate in a poll here – provided by polldaddy, a very cool polling service.

3. launches. Canada finally has a deal of the day site – a la Woot. Maybe this is a sign Canadian e-commerce is gaining more momentum. ITNewsLink and StartupNorth have more on Razzle’s founders.

4. Apparently, the InterWeb could have service brownouts by 2010 because people just love YouTube too much darn much..or something like that. The study, done by Nemertes Research, sounds like something those net neutrality-hating ISPs would have commissioned to encourage a new, multi-tier system where Web sites have to pay to be on the super highway. By the way, you have to love the title of Nemertes’ report: “The Internet Singularity, Delayed: Why Limits in Internet Capacity Will Stifle Innovation on the Web”.

5. Speaking of Net Neutrality,’s Wayne MacPhail has a terrific column that spells out the issue and what’s at stake. A must-read for anyone who loves the Internet.

6. Anyone use Mahalo on a regular basis? Just wondering.

7. For Leopard lovers with time on their hands, you may be interested in this post on 200 hotkey shortcuts. You mean, there’s life beyond F9 and Apple-Shift-4?

8. Anyone into favicons – those tiny, little logs that sit just before “http” in your browser’s address bar? To create one quickly, check out favikon. (Hat tip to Steve Rubel)

9. New to my evolving blogroll this week: Daily Bits, a little geeky but lots of good thinking/ideas over there; Daring Fireball; Lorelle on WordPress, good resource for any into the world’s best blogging platform.

10. I desperately need a new header image for this blog. Any help/tips would be much appreciated.

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