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This isn’t a shot at the Crunchies (well, maybe just a little) but some of the negative coverage (Uncov, CenterNetworks) illustrates that awards are a useless exercise.

Think about it, who do awards really benefit? Sure, the award winners get to bask in the glory for a few moments before the applause quickly fades, and everyone heads back to work. But does it really matter? Does winning an award or even being nominated count for anything other than perhaps a few minutes of fame?

Truth be told, awards are counter-productive. Since there can only be one winner, everyone else feels miserable, disappointed, envious, pissed, jealous, etc. – none of them positive, productive emotions. And this reality is a fact no manner how you determine a winner – be it by an esteemed panel or voting by the public. No matter the result, the winners are scrutinized for their faults and shortcomings rather than being celebrated.

If you want to do awards right, then do it by the numbers. Award #1 to the company who raised the most venture capital. Award #2 to the company that attracted the highest valuation/acquisition offer. Award #3 to the start-up with the fastest growth in terms of users. No arguments, no subjective decision making, no politics – just numbers. (Note: I think Facebook would have won every award.)

So why create and give awards? Do the companies really need the recognition? So why do them?

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