[NOTE: A new and improved version of this infographic can be found at Maple Leafs Startups.]

On a fairly regular basis, I get asked by startups about who to approach for venture capital. I thought it might be useful to create an infographic that lists the leading incubators, accelerators, seed, series A and series B investors.

There are investors such as OMERS, iNovia and BDC that play in multiple sandboxes but they have been placed in a single category as it was an easier way to go – at least for now.

Consider this an initial stab as I’m sure there are key players missing. To fill the gaps, please leave a comment or send me an email, and then I’ll update the infographic, which was created using Ease.ly.

Update: Since the infographic was originally published, new investors and funding organizations have been added, as well as a new angel “circle”. There are plans in the works to make the infographic more interactive and data-rich.

Canadian Startup Finance Landscape