You’re growing a company and need to hire people quickly.

You want people who you can trust and depend on.

friendsDoes it make sense to hire your friends? You know them. You like them. But can you work with them? Will they share your passion? Will the work hard? Can your relationship handle the ups and downs? Do they have the right skills?

These are difficult questions answer before taking the plunge. Hiring a friend means your friendship changes. You’re no longer just a friend but a boss who pays them to perform. It’s a different dynamic.

In helping friends with marketing, Here are some key lessons:

  • Be sure you can do the job. Being able to perform will┬ávalidate someone’s belief in you and lessen the stress on your relationship.
  • Be clear about the rules of engagement. What do they expect from you? What happens if/when things go wrong? How will conflicts and disagreements be handled?
  • Remember you’re friends first and co-workers second. At the end of the day, the job will come to an end but, hopefully, the friend endures.
  • Treat your boss (and friend) with respect. Don’t expect special favors. Don’t expect to be treated differently from other employees.
  • Make sure your compensation is competitive and fair. You’re not doing a friend a favor by working for them. You’re doing a job to help the company survive and grow.
  • If and when the job ends, both sides need to be clear about what’s happening and why. Be transparent, be honest and be friends.

Have you worked for a friend? If so, what are the keys to success?



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