“What’s in it for me?”

If you’re a marketer, you better be ultra-focused on answering this question. In fact, it should be your full-time obsession.

marketer“What’s in it for me?” is asked by prospects and customers when they’re exploring and considering your product.

They’re wondering about how your product could change make an impact on their personal or professional lives. They’re thinking about their experiences using your product.

They’re not thinking about how your technology works, what makes you special, or your secret sauce. It’s about them, their needs, goals, and motivations. It has nothing to do with you.

These days, consumers are self-centered and self-absorbed. They have easy access to information so they know about your product’s prices and features.

Instead, they’re looking for you to win them over. Your marketing needs to inspire, excite, elate, scare and awe-struck them. It needs to talk about their needs, not your product.

If you can effectively answer “What’s in it for me?, your chances as a marketer of getting them to pay attention, if not make a purchase, are a whole lot better.

Here’s the video version of this blog post:

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