Everyone talks about overnight success stories about the entrepreneurs who discovered an idea and quickly hit the jackpot.

successThis scenario is wildly exciting but, frankly, a myth. For many entrepreneurs, success is a long, difficult and challenging journey. If success does actually happen, it usually involves a lot of hard work, difficult decisions, and sacrifices. And, as important, it requires a lot of patience and persistence.

A great example of patience and persistence is Alex Ovechkin, who finally won the Stanley Cup last night after 14 years in the National Hockey League. Along the way, the Capitals struggled to win playoff series despite being the best team in the league.

Nevertheless, Ovi and the Capital kept persisting. They fired their coach and made a bunch of trades. Meanwhile, Ovi stayed patient. He didn’t demand a trade. He didn’t disparage his teammates. Instead, he stayed the course.

Too many entrepreneurs believe that a good idea means instant success. They become discouraged when their product and efforts aren’t recognized or rewarded. They’re looking for quick wins rather than accepting the fact success is often a series of small victories. The entrepreneurial journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

The Washington Capitals’ Stanley Cup victory demonstrates that success takes time. In many cases, success is so close but so far away. But if you’re persistent and truly believe in what you’re doing, your product may eventually be recognized and embraced by customers.

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